Emergency Roadside Assistence

Emergency Roadside Assistence

What is roadside assistance ?

Roadside assistance is a service made for cars and motorcycles that has suffered damage and cannot continue on their way.

When you are in the moment of making a deal with an insurance company, it is important to inform yourself if you are within the roadside assistance policy.

We know of a case where a person was having some car issues, his car stopped working in a very icy area. The man had breathing problems, and although he brought his medicine for the medical issue he had, The problem was the temperature in that particular place.

In this case, he could call 911 but his condition was not so alarming, he only needed the support of a towing company, and that prevented him from having to be on the side of the road for hours without being able to be helped.

Does roadside assistance increased my insurance payment ?

The answer to your question about, whether roadside assistance increase your insurance payment. Is that it does not, however, if there is a crash, the crash itself could increase your insurance, not so much roadside assistance.

However, abusing of  roadside assistance could harm you in the long run, but for an emergency call to support your car that is wrecked, it would not harm your insurance in any way.

At the same time, it would be wrong for us to tell you an exact answer because each insurance company is different, perhaps the most correct thing is to ask your insurance company, at the moment it is important that you contact a professional towing company, so that they can help you with the problem of your car on the road.

What to do if my car stops working on the road ?

The most recommended thing in the event that your car stops working. It would be to quickly turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that there is a broken car on the road. If your car stops working on a highway with little traffic flow, it would be important that you try to push your car to a safer area for you and for the drivers, who come from a distance.

roadside assistance !


Here are some tips to follow for greater safety
    • Turn on your hazard lights
    • Call a towing company
    • See how to pull your car to a safer place
    • Get in your car and lock your doors.
    • Wait inside your car for help
Following these tips that you and I already know, could result in something good for the safety of our lives.

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